Monday, 23 January 2012

Training pics!

I know, I know - I promised you some Sale-a-Bration pics today - but silly me didn't realise that it actually starts tomorrow - so while I have some lovely samples of cards to show you, they will have to wait until tomorrow now.....but to fill in the void for those of who who did come back today looking for something, I will share what we did at training on Saturday!

I go along to the bi-monthly training sessions organised by Natalie for her team, but like all of the other top demos - she opens her sessions like this to "orphans" like me who are too far away from their own "mum" to go to our own team training dos (well Crawley is MUCH nearer to me than Aberdeen and and a LOT cheaper to get to - even allowing for the extortionate car parking charges at the County Mall for an all day session.). These sessions are great fun, concentrating more on making samples and getting ideas for workshops and classes, and sharing our knowledge and experience with each other.

However, what we do for the majority of the time is CRAFT and this time the training was concentrating on the new Spring mini catalogue and the Sale-a Bration (SAB) free stamp sets!

First up - lets show you the lovely swaps I got from the other ladies.... I made yet another variation on my perfect postage card

This time I used the little bunny to make an Easter card - although the actual swaps I gave away were slightly simpler - they just had a simple sentiment stamped on the bottom - however this one I had to keep as I managed to smudge the ink on this card - and of course - it WOULD be the last thing I did on the card wouldn't it? Rather than chuck the whole thing - I restamped the greeting on a punchie and covered up the mess!

And these are the lovely bits and bobs I got in return..... look carefully and you will see something made with a SAB set - but I'm not saying what it is just yet!

One of the things we like showing you at workshops is how to "step up" the items youu make by just adding a little bit more to it - and we made a sample to show how with just a couple of additions - a simple card can become a great one. Let's start off with this card......

Pretty colours, ribbon, layering and a simple stamped greeting..... It's a nice card, quick to make and anyone would be glad to receive it! However add a bit of bling to the cupcake icing, a stamped bow around the case, and stamp the greeting on a punched piece of contrasting card..... and you get this one...

The additions just make it a bit more striking with very little effort!

Still on the cupckae punch.... here's a variation of it - use the cupcake case as a hot air balloon basket, and the topping as a cloud. On this one the punched topping was used as a mask and ink was added with a sponge or dauber before adding the balloon made with a circle and oval trimmed with rhinestones.

Finally for now..... (we did make a couple using SAB sets as well - but you'll have to wait until tomorrow for them - LOL!) we made this beautifully simple card....

Natalie based this one on  a card made by the top European demo a lovely German lady named Jenni Pauli. Jenni's beautiful work has meant that she is the first demo in Europe to sell over 100,000 euro worth of SU products - she has been the top German Demo for the last 3 years - but her sales and recruiting actually make her the top demo in the three European markets!! I think this card is gorgeous in its simplicity - and it shows you don't need vast quantities of product to make a fabulous card!

Anyway - that's all for now! Please come back tomorrow for details of the fabulous free stamps and papers you can get during the SAB period!

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