Sunday, 8 November 2009

Sorry - just a quick one to share a couple of team shots from the Convention.

This one is the Tartan Stampers (plus Joanne), all glammed up and ready to cheer our glorious leader on as she walked across the stage several times at the Awards Dinner. She got "recognised" for sales (over 15k), recruiting (at least 5 downlines promoting to Bronze 2) and she came 4th in the Demonstrator of the Year for the UK - out of over 400 Demos here in the UK, and narrowly missed out on the cash prizes given to the top 3!! Congratulations mum!!

Back row (L-R) Elaine Brainwood, Kirsteen Gill, Joanne Friend (our adopted member), Louise Gilmour, Emma Crockett,
Front Row - Dawn Silver (aka Glorious Leader!!), Moi, Annie Gilmour

And did I mention that Dawn and Elaine had managed to aquire us some blingy team logos??? Alas - guess who forgot to take her black hoody along to join the team (we were going to iron them on when we got there) - but here is Emma modelling hers at lunchtime on Day 2 aren't they gorgeous?? We were the envy of most of the other teams! Just as well we had managed to dissuade Elaine from ordering us some blingy thongs!!

Off to find my black hoody to do mine!!

Wow!! what a blast!!

Wow! Wow! Wow!!

What can I say?? Convention was an absolute blast and I had a great time from the moment I arrived in Frankfurt airport and met up with the rest of the Tartan Stampers in the luggage reclaim (how did I find them? - just followed the noise!! Our trip to the hotel was a source of great merriment and then we went off to find our rooms, then meet up down in reception to find somewhere to eat.

Our noses led us to a little Italian/ Spanish restaurant in the basement of the Kurhaus centre round the back of the hotel, they looked a bit shocked at being asked if they had a table for 10, but they set us up in the patio area outside the restaurant itself (it was in a complex so we weren't actually OUTSIDE!!) and had great fun trying out my rudimentary (and very rusty) German translating the menu and ordering. we had a great meal and the best part of it was that it only cost us 90 euros for the 10 of us!! Afterwards, we went back to the hotel to finish up our various swaps before meeting up again in the bar.

I spent most of the first part of the morning getting registered, and then entering into the swapping frenzy which was going on. I have come home with some gorgeous cards from demos in all 3 of the countries (as well as a couple of the US demos based at the US bases in Germany). I need to sort them out, but in the meantime, here are the swaps I took with me!

I must admit I nearly put them back in my bag when I saw what some of the others had produced, but I managed to get rid of them all, and have also come home with several other s so I need to make a few more!! I didn't start out intending to make so many Christmas cards but I really got into the Christmas sets, and given the time of year - I couldn't think of a better chance to use some of my new goodies like the new Medallion stamp, the red glitter (and not forgetting the Flight of the Butterfly set and punch!!)

Off to unpack and sort out the mess my two herberts have made in my clean and tidy kitchen and walk the poor neglected dog! I'll be back tomorrow with more pictures!

Thursday, 5 November 2009

Off to Convention

Well - after months of eager anticipation - its finally here and this afternoon I fly off to "sunny" Frankfurt for the first ever European Stampin' Up Convention!

I'm told by Roger who has spent more time than he cares to think in Frankfurt while he was working for Deutsche Bank, that the are where it is being held is very nice and the hotel is good - but he's also said that the airport duty free is one of the best he's ever seen. That's just as well - because with a VERY late flight home, I'll have plenty of time to wander round it as I'll be heading back to the airport as soon as the event finishes on Saturday evening.

As usual, Last Minute Libby here was up until 2 am finishing off the swaps I've signed up for. I've done 10 3D items, 80 cards and 8 scrapbook pages - and here's a sneak peek of the the scrapbook page - obviously I have cut the others' names for them to add - but I thought I'd get mine finished so I could show them what theirs will look like once they have added their own photos! I intend to use mine on my display board as the guests at workshops don't always know who I am...... well that's my thinking.....

I'll be back on Sunday with more piccies of the swaps I got from the other super talented ladies.