Thursday, 5 November 2009

Off to Convention

Well - after months of eager anticipation - its finally here and this afternoon I fly off to "sunny" Frankfurt for the first ever European Stampin' Up Convention!

I'm told by Roger who has spent more time than he cares to think in Frankfurt while he was working for Deutsche Bank, that the are where it is being held is very nice and the hotel is good - but he's also said that the airport duty free is one of the best he's ever seen. That's just as well - because with a VERY late flight home, I'll have plenty of time to wander round it as I'll be heading back to the airport as soon as the event finishes on Saturday evening.

As usual, Last Minute Libby here was up until 2 am finishing off the swaps I've signed up for. I've done 10 3D items, 80 cards and 8 scrapbook pages - and here's a sneak peek of the the scrapbook page - obviously I have cut the others' names for them to add - but I thought I'd get mine finished so I could show them what theirs will look like once they have added their own photos! I intend to use mine on my display board as the guests at workshops don't always know who I am...... well that's my thinking.....

I'll be back on Sunday with more piccies of the swaps I got from the other super talented ladies.


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