Saturday, 20 October 2012

There's never been a better time....... sign up as a Stampin Up! Demonstrator!

Joining Stampin' Up! as a demonstrator has never been better value, and  there is really no obligation on your part other than to pay the £99 for your starter kit. If you take the starter kit - you can either start your journey down the road to fun and friendship, or you can just clutch the goodies to your bosom and run away as fast as you can and never do anything more. Either way - the goodies you order in your starter kit are yours to keep! If you decide to run away, next April you will quietly drop from the list of demos no questions asked. If you decide to stay... well how much you get out of being a demo is entirely up to you - YOU set your own targets and do as much or as little as you want.

So - what is involved for you.....

If you haven't already got a catalogue - pay a visit to the online one which you will find at the link on the sidebar - and choose up to (but not exceeding) £130 worth of crafty stash for your starter kit. Earlier this year, SU realised that a lot of potential demos were already loyal SU customers and already had a lot of stash, so rather than saying that the starter kit had to consist of a list of prescribed items, they decided to let all new demos choose items they really wanted! This is a fab idea as it means you can choose your items from the whole 240 pages of the current catalogues (204 pages in the main catalogue and 40 odd in the Autumn/ Winter one) - and you really can choose ANYTHING! The only limit is that you can't go over that £130 figure!

On top of that, you receive a business supplies pack worth another £45. This contains all the stuff like catalogues, order forms, and publicity materials - and together with your starter kit, you will be ready to start planning your first parties as soon as your box arrives!

So - at the moment, with just your choice of stash and the business pack, the starter kit is worth £175, and costs you just £99.

Now - if you choose to sign up in October or November, the recruitment offer is that you will receive a free pack of the designer series paper each month for your first 6 months. The paper packs cost £9.95 each - so that is another £59.70 worth on top of the starter pack - so that takes the £99 starter kit value up to a whopping £234.70!

On top of the company's offer to you, I offer all my recruits a signing incentive of a free inkpad and pack of A4 cardstock which is worth another £11.20 which brings the total value of your starter kit to £245.90! That means that you get nearly £250 worth of goodies for just £99 - that has got to be a fab offer by any standards - and its all yours to keep whatever you decide.

So you fancy the stash but don't want to be a demo? That's fine - you don't need to do anything else, but if you do decide to do this - please let me know so I don't bother you with emails and training information - I don't want you to feel hassled! All that will happen is that you remain as a demo on the records until the end of next April, then you will drop, and that's the end of it. No phone calls or emails asking why - you just leave - no questions asked!

And what if you want to join me on the Stampin' Up! experience?

First off - I have to tell you - its not a get rich quick scheme...... if you want to make serious money on this - you have to work VERY hard at it, but you can just be a hobby demo selling the minimums to your friends and family, and this type of demo is the most common one in the UK!

The only commitment you have is to make sales of £270 each quarter (£225 plus VAT) to remain as an active demo. Being an active demo gets you....

  • 20% discount (called instant income) on the net value of your sales
  • Up to another 15% of your sales back as "volume rebates". This is on a sliding scale dependent on how much you sell each month subject to a minimum £270.
  • Up to 5% of the value of sales made by demos you recruit, up to 5 levels below you
So, selling and recruiting gets you more cash back, and if you meet recruiting targets, there are cash awards available to you as well. The more you do - the more you get.
  • Meet sales and recruiting targets in your first 6 months and you will receive a Stampin' Start award of free Stamp sets, 
  • There is also another award scheme to the high achievers called Rising Star which you would have nearly 2 years to achieve. This is a big cash award available to those who do well in the early stages of their time with SU.
I am more than happy to chat and answer any questions you may have about being a demo. You can catch me on my landline number (01892) 724030 or mobile 07528 492765, or drop me an email here.

If you decide to take the plunge, but just can't wait to join in....just grab your starter kit list, and your credit card and go HERE  and you will be a full fledged demo in just a couple of minutes!

I sincerely hope to hear from you soon

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