Wednesday, 9 May 2012

#Go your own way# Starter kit - YOUR way!

In the words of the old Fleetwood Mac (showing my age here!) song - Stampin' Up! is all about doing everything your own way - and that couldn't be clearer with the new starter kit offer.

SU Head Office have done a lot of market research about what stops potential demos from signing up - and for once - they have actually acted on the results and the outcome is the new signing up promotion.

So what was stopping you signing up? Well let's look at some of the main stumbling blocks....

1. Cost
One of the main concerns was the cost of the starter kit. Well as of the 1st May, the starter kit has dropped in price to just £99. This has got to be one of the cheapest starter kits on offer from any direct selling company in the UK - most of the others will charge you well over £100.

2. Contents
Another concern was the lack of choice in the products offered in the starter kit. For scrapbookers, lots of small stamps  were unnecessary, cardmakers would have liked some more embellishments, for established crafters, they may already have had a big stash of SU product to use, and for most recruits there were items included which would never see the light of day again. 
So now Stampin' Up offer you the chance to choose EVERY SINGLE ITEM which goes into your starter kit. Yes that's right - there are no "set" choices for you like there were before - you get to choose exactly what YOU want, so you know that there isn't any wasted money at all Best of all, you don't get £99 worth of product - you get to choose up to £130 worth of goodies for the price, and it also includes another £45 worth of business supplies like catalogues, order forms, invitations etc.
So - what are you waiting for? 

3. Commitment
So what exactly are you signing up for? Well - would you believe it if i told you that you were just signing up for a bargain box of goodies with no strings attached?
Does that sound too good to be true?
Well, strange though it may seem - that is exactly what you would be doing! Again, unlike a lot of other direct sales companies, you do not have to have hassled your friends and family into having a workshop (party) for you before you sign up, nor do you have to make minimum sales in a certain length of time in order to keep your starter kit.
Your ONLY commitment is to pay that £99 for £130 worth of high quality crafting goodies, and what you do once you have them in your hands, its entirely up to you what you do with them. Take them and run, and just quietly drop once you fail to meet your first quarterly minimum sales (which can be up to 6 months away), or just feed your own stash needs, or sell to your friends and family (at a discount), or make it into a business.

You don't have to give anyone the hard sell - just do everything your way. But if you are like some of my customers... placing an order for £99 worth of goodies is just too easy - so why not just give being a demo a try - you never know what might happen!

Why not get in touch to see what Stampin' Up! has to offer you? I am happy to chat at any time. You can get me on, or on 07973 969153 most times of day, and when you do - ask me about my signing up incentives as well - your starter kit could be worth even more!

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